Plant Magic

November 1, 2014 – October 31, 2015
The magic created by people and plants working together has been part of the human experience since the Paleolithic.   The magic of the plants themselves is older than human culture or human memory.
Join Sean for a year long exploration of working with plants for healing and transformation.You will receive:
  • Written and audio lessons from Sean.
  • Specific assignments to guide you in your work — some which the whole group will work on together and some just for you.Access to an online class discussion forum.
  • Regular check-ins with Sean by phone, e-mail or Skype.
Topics covered will include:
Plants as ancestors and teachers

  • Connecting with ancestral plant knowledge
  • Syncretism vs. cultural appropriation
  • Meeting plants on their own terms
  • Ethical wildcrafting
  • Honoring plants and the land
  • Bioregional wheel years
  • Elemental energetics:  plants and earth, air, fire, water, and ether
  • Plants and the four powers of the witch: to know, to will, to dare, and to hold silence
  • Heart-centered consciousness and plant communication
  • Grounding, cleansing, and protection with plants
  • Dreaming, vision, and divination with plants
  • Plants and sex
  • Plants and spellcraft
  • Plants and the faery realm

and more!

This class is open to people of all magical traditions (or of none at all.)   It will be intellectually and spiritually rigorous, and a strong degree of commitment and personal responsibility is required. Because of the intensity of this course, Sean will be interviewing all prospective students.
This class is not part of and will not lead to training in the Feri tradition.
The cost of the class is:
$1000 paid in full by October 31, 2014  or $100/month
For more information, or to set up an interview, contact Sean at

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