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Interview with Sarah Holmes on KPFA’s the Herbal Highway —

Interview with Karina BlackHeart on BlackHeart Radio —

Interview with John Gallagher on HerbMentor Radio —

Interview with James Lindenschmidt of Bardic Brews —

Plant Healer Magazine Interview with Jesse Wolf Hardin (Excerpt) —



These are rough, unedited recordings made from teleseminars offered over the past two years.   When you purchase them you will receive an e-mail with links to the lectures you’ve chosen.  To order, e-mail

Energetics of Plant Magic — $66

The medicinal and magical actions of a plant are inextricably linked. Medicine is just a specialized form of magic — “the art and science of creating change in conformity with Will“ —  applied within the realm of the human body. All magic operates within this same universe of matter and energy we inhabit, and so it stands to reason that the physical properties which we use to identify the medicinal actions of a plant can also be used to understand and describe that plant`s more esoteric gifts.  In these seven recordings, we will explore the foundations of plant magic through the lens of traditional western herbalism.   We will look at how patterns of heat and cold, wetness and dryness, tension and laxity show up in our bodies, our environments, and our lives, and how we can work with plants as allies in shifting these patterns.

Re-Enchanting the World: Plants and the Mythic Imagination –$66

In this series of six recordings, I weave together knowledge about the magic and medicine of plants with myths and legends about otherworldly encounters.  Topics include” The Third Road – Hawthorn, Thomas the Rhymer, and the Path of the Heart,” “By Which Eye? – Entheogens and the Risks of Vision,” “Bear Marriages, Bear Messages, Bear Medicines,” “Brighid’s Three Fires – Wood Betony, Motherwort, and Skullcap,” “Elecampane and Faery Changelings” “Usnea and the Green Man”




Herbal Asthma Strategies with Sean Donahue consists of 7 audio lecture recordings in mp3 format (over 100 minutes of audio total), as well as a concise booklet that outline Sean’s approach to dealing with asthma. He developed these strategies with his own life experience. They were effective enough to have a profound effect on Sean’s life, leading him down the path of becoming an herbalist, and have been further refined through his clinical practice.

For more information, or to order today, go to

green relations…herbal allies for the heart, mind & spirit
. : MP3 audio CD : .
with sean donahue & jim mcdonald

This CD contains over three hours of class recordings (as MP3 files); topics covered include intro & meditation, relationships with plants, intention and forms of medicine, the three selves, hawthorne, calamus, skunk cabbage, anemone, ghost pipe & stress states, osha, a few plants for expressing from the heart, self heal, osha, warts, henna and magic, considering cannabis & in conclusion.  Julia Roberts even gets somehow brought into the discussion…

The CD is $35; shipping is $5.

available at:


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