Health Consultations

Do you have a persistent problem that is holding you back from fully bringing your gifts into the world?  Maybe its those painful spasms in your lower back that keeps you laid up several days each month?  Or maybe for years you have been struggling with depression?

Our bodies, minds, and spirits know how to heal themselves and grow in strength and grace and radiance — if we remove the obstacles to their healing and growth and give them the physical, spiritual, and emotional nourishment they need.

I am committed to helping you reclaim your health.  As an herbalist, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure medical conditions, instead I seek to support your body, mind, and spirit in their own process of transformation through nutritional and lifestyle changes, ceremony, and work with herbs and flower essences

I offer consultations by phone or Skype with clients in the US

I charge $120 for an 1 1/2 – 2 hour session, and $60 for follow up sessions.   Payment plans are available.   The fee for the consultation does not include the cost of herbs.

I do work with a small number of clients on a pro bono basis — preference for these slots is given to Veterans and military family members and other survivors of war, and to activists.

Contact me at to set up a consultation.

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